There were no fences
but we wanted to believe there were

The world was for two - young and pretty
We treaded grapes for wine
and spread our blanket on a beach
to picnic on letters
to feed the bird-spirited and flightless
and nobody had heard of fetters

"You talk as if you liked me",
you said
I curled in you arms
the first touch of your lips was already a summer
it felt as if light would translate into image
and for a moment all extreme points
would fit into one

When we met,
I instantly knew you had something
perhaps it was your ultimateness,
perhaps your look, smile, touch
or that sometimes you jumped free
and let go
to keep the climax unattainable

I was so happy
I planned everything
from a hot-air balloon trip to the names of our children
and colour of our garden swing
and I even thought what would happen
if the world warped
and if I didn't wake up

I whispered to your ear

"If I die I will be yours"

Longing feeds you for a week
kills you for two

(Translator: Salla Finnilä)